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(Division of Mathematics and Computer Science)
Prerequisite: Math 131 or 133B or 134B or 141 or 150 or placement based on the Math assessment process.

Analysis of data relative to social and natural processes. Collecting, grouping and presenting numerical data by means of: frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and deviation, probability and sampling, measures of prediction and correlation, linear regression, hypothesis testing, including analysis of variance. No credit if taken after Stat 015 or 018. Total of 90 hours lecture.
Transfer Credit: CSU; UC credit limitations. See counselor. C-ID: SOCI 125

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  • CRN: 71052
  • Instructor: Sharon Bober
  • Section Corequisites: NONE
  • Bldg/Room: R 209 R
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    CRN 71052: This section is designed for students in the Honors Transfer Program. For more information, please see website:

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    M W F 12:15pm - 01:45pm R 209 R 08/29/16 12/18/16
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    Term: Fall 2016
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